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Post Viral Fatigue

When you get a virus, you expect it may knock you back for a week, maybe two. When the fatigue and brain fog continues and 2 weeks become 4 it becomes harder and harder to explain to everyone around you -you just need to go to bed.

"You're still sick??"

Yep. Still sick. What now?

In the last couple of years "Long Covid" has become the new poster boy for post-viral illness. Not everyone has the same symptoms, but loss of smell or taste, brain fog and crushing fatigue are very common.

Naturopaths have been helping clients with post viral fatigue for a long time. For clients who have trouble recovering from Covid19 we've had to add to our toolbox as the world learns more and research catches up.

Our approach is to utilise the time tested methods of post viral recovery whilst incorporating treatment tailored to your specific symptoms. Nutritional supplements, liquid herbal medicine and lifestyle changes provide energy support to gradually return you to work and life. It is also vitally important to support low mood and anxiety - as anyone who has experienced long periods of fatigue and illness will know all too well.

It can be frustrating when others bounced back more quickly and there aren't enough answers. Studies are showing relationships between vitamin D and zinc sufficiency, gut microbiome diversity, histamine excess and inflammatory cascades that persist long after the initial infection - research in these areas will gain pace over the next few years. Meanwhile, it is important to use the tools we have - and on reducing inflammation, increasing energy levels and nurturing bodies back to improved health- Naturopaths have been doing this work for a long time.

Samantha Imbert

Clinical Naturopath and Owner of Focus Naturopathy in Ormond, Victoria

BHS(Nat) BApSc(Medrad)


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