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Samantha Imbert
Clinical Naturopath

Samantha Imbert is the owner and principle practitioner at Focus Naturopathy. Sam is passionate about helping women survive the demands of motherhood. With programs to help insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, post viral recovery, hormonal imbalance and adult ADHD, Sam is a degree qualified Naturopath trained in Melbourne, Australia.

BApSc(Med Rad) B.H.S (Naturopathy) ANTA Member

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My Story

I understand what it is like to burn the candle at both ends....

For 15 years I worked in oncology and loved my job. I loved the patients, loved the science, loved the work. Thrived on coffee and sugar, worked through my lunch breaks, lived on hot chips (you can eat them one handed...and keep working) and adrenaline.

Then I had my two children...... fast forward to no sleep for multiple years, completely depleted nervous system and adrenals... and I couldn't keep going. I couldn't survive on 3 hours sleep, I was exhausted. I left the job I loved, stopped calling friends I had known for years and retreated from the world.

Desperate to know where my life had gone... I began to read. I learnt about the nervous system, mental health, gut health, nutrition and natural medicine and was astounded- how could I have worked in a hospital for 15 years and not have known about this? All the answers to what I had needed the day I walked away from my career were here- I just hadn't known how to seek the help. 

You don't need to feel exhausted every day. You don't need to feel stressed and overwhelmed. You can get back to sleep. You can improve that terrible digestion. You shouldn't have period pain, or PMS and you can get your vitality back again. Hormonal and mineral imbalances can have you feeling angry or anxious, yelling at your kids, wanting to strangle your husband- it doesn't have to be this hard.

There's so much you can do.

Naturopathy offers an incredible blend of nutrition, herbal medicine, pathology, physiology and so much more. We harness the latest science and the wisdom of herbal tradition to return you to health- naturally. Let us show you what's possible- and join the community of people taking control of their health and rediscovering their vitality through natural medicine- we think you'll love it too.

Samantha x

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